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 Rules for Wii Madden Cup (revised 3-27-10)

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PostSubject: Rules for Wii Madden Cup (revised 3-27-10)   2009-12-23, 14:38

**It is extemely important to follow all Wii Madden Cup rules at all times when on this site. We do not require you to sign or agree to any rules but not following them will result in consequences depending on the seriousness of the offence.**

In order to make Wii Madden Cup a more enjoyable place for all we've created two sets of rules for game play. All league, tournament, and exhibition games are designated to be played under either Simulation (SIM) or Freestyle rules.

Simulation (SIM) Rules- Simulation or reenactment of various activities or "real life" in the form of a game. To view these rules in more detail CLICK HERE.

Freestyle Rules - Any style or play type is allowable during an point during the entirety of the game. To view the details of these rules CLICK HERE

**Please note we also have site wide rules that apply to all games played regardless of whether you're playing and SIM or Freestyle game. This rules are listed below.**

-Glitching - Absolutely no glitching is allowed. If your opponent glitches you, please provide us with video evidence and they will be banned.

Site Activity – Please stay active and make an effort to get your league and tournament games played. Don't just log and and log out to make it appear you're being active. Everyone wants to get their games played in a timely fashion. If you will be gone for more than 4 days please post in the Site Absence Thread by CLICKING HERE. If your absent for more than 4 days without posting in the Site Absence Thread you may be removed from any league or tournament you are in. A list of all the members who've logged on in the past 4 days can be viewed at the bottom of the forum.

League/Tournament Rules - All detailed League and Tournament rules that aren't covered here will be posted in their respective League or Tournament Category.

-League Games - A post for every scheduled SIM league and Freestyle League game will be posted by me. Please do not create your own game posts. All games need to be scheduled in that post. If you discuss the game with your opponent through PM or chat box please post these conversations in the game post so I can see effort is being made to play the game. Once the game has been played you will need to post the score of each player in that post as well.

League Openings – If I detemine a league member is inactive their team may become available. Please sign up on the league waiting list to recieve an open team. Open teams will be rewarded to the site member I feel is most active not necessarily to the member who signed up first on the waiting list. So if you wish to participate in the league I advise you to be active on the site and play Exhibition games in the Game Lobby in the mean time

-Tournament Games - Just like League games. A post for every scheduled tournament game will be posted by me. Please do not create your own game posts. All games need to be scheduled in that post. If you discuss the game with your opponent through PM or chat box please post these conversations in the game post so I can see effort is being made to play the game. Once the game has been played you will need to post the score of each player in that post as well.

Posting games - When posting in your game thread please make a good effort. You should post times when you're available to play and how your opponent should contact you during these times to play. All times need to be posted with a start and end time as well as the day, also please specify the timezone you are refering to when listing these times. For esample: Hey Commish I'm available to play either wednesday or thursday this week from 3pm-6pm eastern time. You can contact me by replying in this post, PMing me, or texting me 555-5555. Note: DO NOT falsely post game scores. Doing so will automatically result in a lifetime ban.

Pausing during games - At the beginning of each game you're to allow your opponent at least 5 min to set his/her audibles, roster substitutions, and gameplay settings. After the intial 5min pause at the beginning of the game you do not have to allow your opponent additional time for remaining pauses throughout the game. However, if you know at somepoint during your game you may be interupted for a brief period of time please make your opponent aware of this in the game post before the game is played. For example: "Hey I'm supposed to getting a package today so I might have to pause the game for 5-10min at somepoint." Then you need to be sure your opponent has agreed to this stipulation in the post before game play starts. Once the agreement has been made your opponent must then allow you to have this extra pause for the extended period of time discussed.

Roster Substitutions - Any player may be subbed for any other player regardless of position. This is becasue EA already has set boundaries on what players can be subbed where and prevents users from abusing certain possibilities (i.e. hb/wr at qb or wr at rb, etc.)

Friendly Quits - All Friendly Quits (FQ) most be requested in the first min of the game. FQs should only be requested if your opponent failed to follow the pausing during games rule or if the game has lag making it difficult to play normally. Requesting a FQ during the first min will signal to your opponent something is wrong and they need to correct their pausing during games or a better connection needs to be made to prevent lag.

Concede and Mercy – Concede may not be requested by the player losing the game. However, if you're winning you may offer your opponent mercy. Your opponent has the option the agree or reject this offer. If they reject the offer you must continue playing the game. You may only offer your opponent mercy twice per timeout (incase the accidently rejected the request the first time).

Connection issues - Sometimes opponents can not connect or the connection is very poor and lag is created during gameplay. If the connection with your opponent is bad you should unhook your internet connection/router for at least 1min. When doing this it helps to first turn off your Wii then disconnect your router for 1 min. Then reconnect your router and let it completely reconnect before turing your Wii back on. If connection issues still persist you may need to play the game at another time when your connect is stronger or checkIf you are unable to connect with your opponent, both players need to reset their routers by unplugging them for 60 seconds. Turn off the Wii, unplug the router, wait 1 minute, plug the router back in and wait for it to completely load back up, then turn on your Wii again. If problems persist CLICK HERE.

Disconnect (D/C) – If your opponent gets disconnected during a game (due to connection issues on their end or because they quit) you have two options, you can report the score at the time of the disconnect as the final score or you can replay the portion of the game that was needed to be played. For example, if it’s the 3rd quarter with 1 minutes left, you need to created an unranked game with 3 min quarters. The player who disconnected must play defense first regardless of who had the ball at the time of the D/C. Note: The default play type for unranked games is "All Play", be sure to change this setting to "Advanced" prior to the start of the game. When posting the score of the game combine the scores from your D/C game and the unranked game to get the final score.

Batteries – Be sure to check your battery strength before each game. If you have less than 3 white bars you run the risk of your battery dieing during the game causing you to D/C.

Chatbox - The chatbox is a great place to meet players, talk with your opponents, or discuss anything else. If you log in and see someone in the chatbox (especially one of your opponents) you should log into the chat and discuss getting your game played. Please no profanity in the chatbox. Do not flame or have inappropriate converstaions (or post inappropriate or X-rated photos). Remember there are many younger players on this forum so please make this a positive environment for them and use good judgement. We have multiple chatbox moderators so if you're seen breaking this rule you'll be banned from the chatbox and possibly the site.

Ranked Games - All Games played at Wii Madden Cup are played as Ranked games on the EA server. In certain tournament (and possibly leagues) games may have special rules that require you to play the games as Unranked. Note: The default play type for unranked games is "All Play", be sure to change this setting to "Advanced" prior to the start of the game.

Misc Rules - No profanity, no flaming, no inappropriate conversations and no posting x-rated pictures anywhere on this site (including the chatbox). If you're caught doing an of this you'll be warned and possibly banned from the site.

**Note: WMC rules are subject to change at anytime. It's your responsiblity to check the rules periodically for udates. If a major change is made that we feel is significant we will notify you by email to your registered email account.**

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Rules for Wii Madden Cup (revised 3-27-10)
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