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 Details of how rankings are determined.

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PostSubject: Details of how rankings are determined.   2009-12-21, 21:38

Wii Madden Cup Rankings are based on three things

-Win/Loss Record
-Strength of schedule/opponent
-Games played

WMC rankings are made on a scale from 0 to 1. As you will notice these rankings look eerily similar to those posted by the BCS computers. I've created a spreadsheet calculator that takes the 3 above mentioned factors into account and spits out a completely non-biased ranking.

The formula for the rankings is very complicated and if you want to be bored with mathmatical mombo jombo I'd be happy to discuss it with you but for a simplified version please continue reading.

-Win/Loss Record

Your win/loss record on WMC accounts for 80% of your WMC ranking. This is by far the most important aspect of your rank but not the be all end all to you being ranked #1.

-Strength of schedule/opponent

This accounts for 15% of your WMC ranking. Basically this is meant to keep players from beating up on weaker opponents to boost their ranking. If you play nothing but weak opponents then your ranking will definitely suffer, however if your record isn't quite as good as someone elses but you constantly play strong opponents than your ranking will be better.

-Games Played

This accounts for 5% of your WMC ranking. This is to promote activeness and to prevent someone from coming on and winning a few games and sitting on the #1 spot.

note: There is also a % deduction for players who haven't played at least the average amount of games per player. Once again this prevents someone from going like 5-0 and quitting and staying ranked in the top 10. This deduction lessons the closer you get to playing an amount of games equal to or greater than the average amount of games per player. (This value is listed at the top of the leaderboard).
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Details of how rankings are determined.
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