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 Help WMC become the best

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PostSubject: Help WMC become the best   2010-03-14, 01:08

So I've been trying to come up with ways to make Wii Madden Cup a better place for everyone. I know the site is still young at this point (just over 2 months old), but I think everyone here can see the potential we have!

There's a lot of oppurtunities to help WMC in a big way. We're currently looking for ambitious, proactive staff members to help. If you feel you bring something new, unique, or important to the table and want to be part of the team then please contact us!

What we are currently looking for:

Chatbox moderators - basically live in the chatbox and help everyone enjoy their time here

Recruiter - anyone can do this! Just tell people about WMC and have them list your name as a referer in the introduction forum.

Tournament Director - we have one of these for the Tuesday Night Tournies series (jjackson5150), but we're looking for another person to run longer tournaments with more entries.

League Commissioners - Right now we have no league commissioners other than myself. In a perfect world I'd like to have all the leagues run by staff rather than myself so I can concentrate my efforts on the overall site. So if you're interested in organizing and running a league at WMC please let me know!

Strategy Writer - this is a must for our site to take off! We need someone with good game knowledge and a respectable rank to help write ebooks and provide tips

Blog Writers - Our fancy homepage/blog is a big part of what sets us apart from other wii sites/leagues.. so we really need to take advantage of it! This is a crucial element so if you have any interest in writing anything at all related to madden, the nfl, sports, current events, technology, etc Please let us know!

Photoshop Artist - We need to offer members some sick graphics to display as sigs when posting. If you're willing to make some for our members let us know!

Video Producer - between our homepage, forum, and youtube channel there's a lot of need for good madden video highlights, tricks, guides, and promotional videos. If you have the ability to make high quality video of your madden gaming and want to be a Video Producer let us know!

There's a lot of other things that we could use and if you think there's something you could do to help that I haven't listed let me know!

Now some of the things I mentioned above may seem like too much for you to handle or you're just not active enough to do it. You can however still help the site greatly by just doing these little things:

1. Make WMC your homepage
2. Try to make a few posts a day before you join us in the chatbox everyday
3. Bookmark WMC
4. Add WMC to the end of your EA persona (i.e. CommishWMC)
5. Invite anyone you know to Wii Madden Cup.
6. Be active in our leagues, tournaments, and single games
7. Put a link to WMC in your sig on other websites that you are a part of
8. Welcome all new people and try help them get used to the site. Make them feel at home. Smile
9. Fill out your profile completly. It helps people know more about you. Make your Mii Avatar!!!!
10. Volunteer your ideas to me or other staff members.
11. Try to make topics and start discussions, do not be someone who just replies to others. Say something original.
12. Put links to WMC on any website you are a part of that allows you to.
13. Putting our site's url on other forums/sites helps a lot!!
14. Make a few posts involving good plays that work well for you in our strategy section. We don't ask you to give away your gameplan or scheme, just post a play or 2 for others.
15. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. Also, tell your friends to do the same.

So next time you're sitting in the chat box and wishing there was a game to play do a few of these things.. Over time the more we do these things the more people we'll have here to play!!

If I missed anything please reply and I'll add it to the list!!

Wii Madden Cup: Where the real rankings are made!!
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Help WMC become the best
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