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-Specially designed ranking system created specifically for ranking Wii Madden Players
-Chat, create, & comment on forum topics.
-League style play.
-Unique tournaments with games counting towards your ranking.
-Competitive players available to play against.
-Special recoginition for tournament, league, and rankings accomplishments.

If you haven't signed up yet then do it today to see what the Wii Madden Cup has to offer you!

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 Wii Madden Cup Team

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PostSubject: Wii Madden Cup Team   2010-02-06, 14:01

Wii Madden Cup is a relatively new site and community. In order to provide a great environment for our Wii gamers WMC is looking for ambitious, proactive staff members to help. If you feel you bring something new, unique, or important to the table and want to be part of the team then please contact us!

All WMC team members will be listed on the About Us page with a short bio and Job title.
What we are currently looking for:

Chatbox moderator


Tournament Director

Strategy Writer

Current Events Writer

Photoshop Artist

If you feel there's something you can bring to the team that would be beneficial to the site but is not listed above please feel free to let me know.


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Wii Madden Cup Team
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