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 Simulation (SIM) rules (revised 3-24-10)

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PostSubject: Simulation (SIM) rules (revised 3-24-10)   2010-02-05, 17:23

Simulation (SIM) rules- Simulation or reenactment of various activities or "real life" in the form of a game.

Simulation (SIM) rules allow for a real life football simulated style of game. This style lets players play with the feel and sense of a real NFL game without their opponent constantly trying to take advantage of the AI created by the programmers of the game. Simulation rules appeal to players who feel Madden should be played as closely to real football game as possible.

Play Clock - Please do not allow the play clock to run down, unless you are in the final 3 minutes of the game. Once you have called the play and lined up at the line of scrimmage, quickly make your adjustments (if any) and snap the ball. You need to snap the ball as soon as you're ready. (i.e. don't wait to snap after your ready so more time runs off the clock). The playclock should not being running down under 15-10sec every single play. If the playclock consistently runs below this time (not counting the first play after change of possesion) then you'll be found in violation of the rules.

Goal Line Etiquette - Please do not stop at the goal line, do not run along the goal line and waste any time, do not run zig zags on the way in and do not stop and wait for defenders to catch up to you. Please do not dive into the end zone, that is rude and considered showboating. This applies to normal game situation. If its the end of a half or game and it's good strategy for you to pull up and not score that is allowed, but please only do it for this reason and not to showboat.

Offscreen screen passes – Are NOT allowed, these are usually done by taking your QB running to one side of the field and throwing a player who is on the other side of the field that and is out of the view of the camera. All screen passes must be performed from inside the pocket (i.e. you may not move your QB past the Left or Right Tackle), but you are free to drop your QB as far back as you wish as long as he stays in the pocket. Video (CLICK HERE )

Offscreen passes - Are allowed. As long as the pass isn't a "screen" and is being thrown in front of the line of scrimmage it is legal whether the receiver is visible or not.

QB Scrambling – Is allowed. But please refrain from taking advantage of the AI by running backwards 20-30 yds and throwing perfect passes downfield. Especially when your quarterbacking isn't even facing the line of scrimmage.

No Huddling - Is allowed but please follow the CYS rules when doing it as this prevents your opponent from shifting their defense.

Call Your Shots (CYS) - Is allowed but when you do use CYS please allow at least 5 seconds after your finished to allow your opponent to shift their defense.

Kickoffs - You may not onside kick until the 4th quarter. I understand that some NFL teams try to suprise their opponent by onsiding kicking at other times of the game but it is not the norm. You can kick any other way you wish throughout the game as long as you're not in the onside kick formation.

Going out of bounds - Running players out of bounds on defense, kickoffs, punts, etc is NOT allowed. Please refrain from doing this.

HB direct snap - Is not allowed. This is where you call a shotgun and the ball is directly snapped to the half-back. (This does not include the wildcat formation)

Wildcat formation - Is allowed but you may not use CYS when running it. You may only use hot routes when running it. Note: When players run the pass play out of wildcat it prohibits the defense from selecting the closest player to the runner until they cross the line of scrimmage. Many players counter wildcat plays by blitzing and user controlling different players so find something that works well for you so you can counter this.

Mercy - You are not allowed to run up the score under SIM rules. This means if you have a comfortable/secure lead in the 4th quarter you shouldn't rub it in. Try to call running plays as much as possible and don't try to score over and over again. This rule requires you to use your best judgement a lot of the time but please do your best to follow it.

If you feel like one of these rules doesn't create a SIM like game experience or if additional rules need to be added or altered please feel free to contact me with your comments and suggestions.
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Simulation (SIM) rules (revised 3-24-10)
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