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 Freestyle Rules (revised 2-5-10)

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PostSubject: Freestyle Rules (revised 2-5-10)   2010-02-05, 16:39

Freestyle Rules - Any style or play type is allowable during an point during the entirety of the game.

Freestyle Rules allow for a very loose style of play with limited rules. This allows players to focus on playing and winning at all costs without the worry that their opponent trashing them for their style of play. Freestyle play appeals to those players who view Madden as game to be played but the programmer's limitations and not the limitations of real life football. This style of play is often refered to as "cheesing" by SIM style players.

Play Clock - There are no play clock rules

Goal Line Etiquette - There are no rules for goal line etiquette.

Off Screen – Downfield/Screen Passes – Are allowed, these are done by taking your QB and running back and to the side and throwing a screen pass or regular pass clear on the other side of the field that is off camera or barely on camera.

QB Scrambling – Is allowed in any and all forms.

No Huddling - Is allowed in any and all forms.

Call Your Shots (CYS) - Is allowed in any and all forms whether on offense or defense.

Kickoffs - Can be performed in anyway you wish.

Wildcat formation - Is allowed.

Running up the score - Is allowed.

Running players out of bounds on defense, kickoffs, punts, etc is allowed

**In general Freestyle Rules allows all rules and gameplay styles that are usually argued or discussed in SIM style rules. If you're uncomfortable playing this style I advise you play SIM style games only.**
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Freestyle Rules (revised 2-5-10)
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