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 Playing behind a Firewall or Router

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PostSubject: Playing behind a Firewall or Router   2010-02-05, 16:07

Madden 10 and EA uses the following network ports for playing online.

If you are running a firewall, ensure it is set to allow the game to communicate on these ports both inbound and outbound:

TCP Ports: 80, 443, 25020, 25030
UDP Port: 3658

If you are having difficulty connecting to other players online and your Internet connection is behind a router using NAT (Network Address Translation), you may need to enable port forwarding on your router by forwarding all data on port UDP 3658 to the IP address of your Wii console.

Alternatively, you can put your router into a DMZ—please consult your router help files for details on how to do this.
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Playing behind a Firewall or Router
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