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 I'm Gone *

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PostSubject: I'm Gone *   2010-01-12, 21:22

I'm quitting WMC because:

1. I'm not the player I use to be

2. Everyone here is purposely trying to piss me off so why should I even stay here

I know some people will be happy and idc because most of these people don't even know me so it just goes to show how much of faggots they are, and the only person who wasn't a bitch to me on this site is Wils and hats off to you for being the only mature person here.

I will barely ever play this game again anyways because MW2 with irl friends > Madden 10 where I've never played a person that tries to play like I do (ever). I get that it's what I think about the game so you don't need to tell me.

P.S. Ant - Honestly, you use to be a really cool guy and you gave me tips I gave you tips we tested shit together and we would discuss PB's and teams and strategies. Now you always insult me, repeat that I suck and I'll get my ass kicked in this game and whenever you get pissed you kick me from a stupid chatbox and I don't even know why... I'm really really not just saying this to piss you off and if there was a way to prove it I would do it but you probably won't believe me for whatever reason so fine. I've been purposely holding back completely flat out insulting you just seeing if you would go back to the old Ant and you wont. Take your win in the "playoff tourney", I couldn't care less.

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PostSubject: Re: I'm Gone *   2010-01-14, 09:12

Um, lol... later??
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I'm Gone *
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