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 2010 Playoff Simulation Tourny

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PostSubject: 2010 Playoff Simulation Tourny   2010-01-10, 00:19

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PostSubject: Re: 2010 Playoff Simulation Tourny   2010-01-10, 09:26

1. All game must be played before Tuesday
2. All games will be unranked, 7 mins with fatigue and injuries options on.
3. No glitching or quitting is allowed.
4. Off field screens are not allowed. IT is a form of cheesing that is easily determined. Other forms of cheese are more judgment than obvious, so i left them alone.
5. This isn't a require but if you use "Call Your Shot" try and give your opponent some time to make his adjustments as well. This is more of a gamer competitive courtesy than anything else.

For all teams hoping to win it all, practice with your playbook and fill out your sheet. Print it out here

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2010 Playoff Simulation Tourny
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