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 Summary and guide for Wii Madden Cup

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PostSubject: Summary and guide for Wii Madden Cup   2010-01-05, 23:35

Wii Madden Cup or WMC for short is a site dedicated to Wii Madden Gamers. To view info about us please visit the about us and WMC team page on our homepage at http://www.wiimaddencup.com

Wii Madden Cup has a lot to offer Wii Madden gamers but in short we give you a competitive yet friendly environment for players of all skill levels to enjoy. Wii Madden Cup, home to competitive wii madden gamers, is the leader in wii madden chat, tips, strategy, forums, leagues, tournaments, cash games, and rankings.. All games played at WMC are "ranked". To view WMC's current rankings CLICK HERE. For more details about how rankings are created please CLICK HERE

In order to make Wii Madden Cup a more enjoyable place for all we've created two sets of rules for game play. All league, tournament, and exhibition games are designated to be played under either Simulation (SIM) or Freestyle rules.

Simulation (SIM) Rules- Simulation or reenactment of various activities or "real life" in the form of a game. To view these rules in more detail CLICK HERE.

Freestyle Rules - Any style or play type is allowable during an point during the entirety of the game. To view the details of these rules CLICK HERE

**Please note we also have site wide rules that apply to all games played regardless of whether you're playing and SIM or Freestyle game. These rules are listed below.**

The rules thread on WMC describes the dos and don'ts here at WMC as well as how to set up and play games against other members. To read these rules CLICK HERE.

Note: by signing up at WMC you acknowledge that you've read and your agree to follow the rules mentioned above

I encourage everyone to visit the chat box at the top of the forum. This is where most the the action takes place and games get set up. It's also a good place to do some smack talking or ask for help from some of our more experienced memebers.

If you still have any questions feel free to send me a personal message by clicking on my name (CommishWMC) and selecting the pm option or by visiting me in the chat box.

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Summary and guide for Wii Madden Cup
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