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 Basic Offensive Strategy

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-Set your audibles before every game!

- Your audibles should consist of one inside run, one outside run, one screen play, one spread passing playing, & a play you are best at running.

-If possible try to make your inside run, outside run, and screen play all out of the same formation or out of formations you run often. This makes it more difficult for your opponent to catch on to your audibles.

When to use your aubiles

-Inside run: Dime/Quarter D or basically anytime you have more blockers in then the opponent has defenders in the direction of your run.

-Outside run: Goal line/Field Goal D or when your defender stacks the box.

note: if your opponent is experienced they may expect you to run outside against this D and blitz their corner or user select a man to take away the outside run.

-Screen play: Against the blitz (more effective if opponent is in a zone blitz but can work well against both if your men block the defender in man coverage of your receiver.

-Spread pass play: Against man coverage blitz plays, goal line/field goal D.

Note: The spread pass play can be effective vs. nearly all Ds depending on the routes and your ability to read coverage.

-Your favorite play: Pretty much anytime you know it’s going to work. For most players this play is a counter, lead run, or power sweep.

Pre-snap reads

-Send a WR in motion to determine your opponent’s coverage:

-Defender follows your receiver all the way across the field: man coverage
-Defender follows your receiver to the middle of the field but doesn’t go across the center: zone coverage
-Defender doesn’t move at all: that defender is on a blitz assignment.

How to recognize and beat a blitz

-If you see your opponent’s safety is creeping towards the LOS then you know 9 times out of 10 your opponent is bringing a blitz.

-If your current play isn’t designed to beat a blitz audible to your screen play or pass play. You should also know if the coverage is man or zone. If man audible to your spread passing play and throw the ball to your best mismatch. If zone, audible to your screen and drop back to suck the defenders in and dump the screen over their heads for an easy gain.

Note: you can also use these strategies against players who like to run the midfield goal line or field goal D the whole game.

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Basic Offensive Strategy
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